Lacquerware Eggs - Assorted Designs

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Transform your home with these eggs-quisite handcrafted ornamental eggs. Traditional lacquerwork and vibrant hand-painted designs make these decorative pieces a must-have for any occasion. From Easter to year-round joy, these durable eggs will be cherished for generations to come.

Part of Better World Arts Cross Cultural Projects, cultural and economic exchange between Australian Aboriginal artists and traditional cottage industry artisans in Kashmir. Designed in Australia, Handmade in Kashmir. 

Individual eggs measure approx. 7cm and each come with matching storage bag.

The Designs:

  • Puurda manu Wanakiji Jukurrpa (Yam and Bush Tomato Dreaming) - This design is owned by Paddy Stewart.
    This design shows the Yam and Bush Tomato Dreaming. You can see the Yams and the small round berries of the Bush Tomatoes. In the Dreamtime the people used to eat these fruits and vegetables, just as our old people lived off them. The artist painted this painting to teach the children.

  • Bush Medicine Plants Design - The design is owned by Rosie Ross.
    Influenced by her daughter Margaeret, Rosie has only recently started painting using brushes and sticks to create the vibrant lively images of her country. Ampilatwatja have decided no to paint their traditional stories keeping them private. They paint their country, depicting the plants used for food and medicine, important to the survival of bush dwellers.

  • Seven Sisters Design - The design is owned by Andrea  Mimpitja Adamson.
    The sisters created the landscape as they tried to escape from Wati Nyiru. They created a rock hole which went under the ground and came up on the other side of the hill. The women dived into the water then flew up into the sky Wati Nyiru followed them Now, Wati Nyiru can be seen to the south of the seven sisters (the Pleiades), as he still chases them across the sky, forever unable to catch the sisters.

  • Watiya Tjuta Tree Design - This design is owned by Mitjili Napurrula.
    Mitjili paints the Watiya Tjuta tree. Mitjili's style is unique and recognisable. She paints her father's country at Uwalki. Her mother, Tjunkayi Napaltjarri taught her these motifs when storytelling, using the same to draw the story as it is told the traditional way. 

  • Multju (Nora's Family's Country) Design - This design is owned by Nora Davidson.
    This is the place where Nora was born. It is Mulga country and a great place to find Honey Ants. There is a story of a mother with her two children and they have great success in this place finding honey ants. They enjoy the sweet reward for their efforts.

  • Jilamara Design - The design is owned by Josette Papajua.
    During Ceremony on the Tiwi Islands a series of "Yoi", dances are performed, some are totemic (matrilineal) and others act out newly composed songs. Participants are painted with turtiyanginari (natural ochres) transforming the dancers and protecting them against mapurtiti (spirits). These designs are collectively called Jilamara.

  • Ocean and Earth Design - The design is owned by Bianca Gardiner-Dodd.
    Bianca's heritage descends from the Aboriginal community of Goodooga, in the northwester region of NSW, the traditional land of the Kamilaroi/Gamilaroi people. This elegant and restful artwork describes the landscape that Bianca loves, where the land meets the sea.

  • Ampitji Rainbow Serpent Design - The design is owned by Jane Margaret Tipuamuntumirri.
    This painting is about the story of the Rainbow Serpent, a dreaming story that is common to so many Aboriginal cultures. Each region has it's own part of the story to tell. This painting is also about the artists' dance that tells the story.

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