About Us

In the spirit of reconciliation, Wombat Brain acknowledges the Turrbal and Jagera people, Traditional Custodians of the land on which we predominately operate, along with the Traditional Custodians of country throughout Australia and their continued connections to land, water, culture, and community. We pay our respect to their elders past, present, and emerging, and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.
Image Source: NITV

Wombat Brain believes in supporting the Fair Trade movement,

while empowering the growth & development of local artists & artisans.


Why Fair Trade?

Have you ever asked yourself what lies behind the products we purchase?

Where are they made? In Australia? Overseas?

How much are the workers paid? What conditions are they working under? Is their work place safe?

How is the environment treated? Is child labour used? Is slave labour involved?

Fair Trade is about paying people a fair wage, safe and healthy working conditions, no child labour, no slavery, environmental sustainability. This ensures that the artisans, artists, workers, and farmers behind the product, as well as the environment, benefit from the consumer who has made a conscious decision to purchase Fair Trade products.

The Fair Trade Mark on a product indicates that stringent conditions have been met in the production of that product. For more information please visit fairtrade.com.au 

Why 'Wombat Brain'?

Not only are they adorable, wombats are also very underestimated.

Wombats are quite intelligent, they have the most developed brain of all the marsupials, and are notorious for cleverly digging alternate exits to their burrows when traditional traps are put in place.  

We believe that these powerful marsupials are a great symbol for resilience and for our business, and that the name 'Wombat Brain' is a perfect for a business like us whose aim is to encourage people to find an alternate and ethical way to shop.