Ladies Purse Large - Mingkiri Tjukurpa (Marsupial Mouse Dreaming) Design

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This ladies purse is a cross cultural project, designed in Australia and handmade in India.

The shanti leather is tanned using vegetable extracts, a process that is kind to the environment and an ancient craft from the West Bengal region of India. Images are applied either by "batik" printing or by embossing and then hand painting. 

This design is owned by Rama Kaltu-Kaltu Sampson.

Rama's painting illustrates the Mingkiri Tjukurpa - Marsupial Mouse Dreaming. This is part of the Wanampi (Rainbow Serpent) Dreaming. The Mingkiri people cry when the Wanampi (Rainbow Serpent) is speared. 

Approx. 20cm x 10.5cm x 2.5cm

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