Set/6 Coasters - Rosellas

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These set of six lacquerware coasters are part of a cross cultural project, designed in Australia and handmade in Kashmir using paper maché and lacquerware techniques. There are many steps to the process including creating pulp from recycled paper, moulding and finishing the shapes, hand painting, and varnishing. Individual coasters feature a felt base to prevent scratching any surfaces, and the full set of six fit neatly inside the matching box. 

Rosellas are members of the Platycercus genus, meaning broad tail. Australia has eight species and many varieties. Confined to coastal and mountainous regions, some species have adapted to urban environments in areas where native vegetation is grown in domestic gardens. They add much colour and life. Rosellas need cavities in trees to nest in.

Individual coasters measure approx. 8.5cm x 8.5cm.

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